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ReproQuest is a veterinary biotech company specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of artificial insemination products for swine.

Our entire staff has been an integral part of the AI industry for over three decades and continues to stand at the forefront of new technology. It is our mission to put customer needs and our products' quality first!   Thanks for visiting our website, we look forward to hearing from you!


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News Flash!

GenePro, Inc.



Gènes Diffusion acquires ReproQuest and Expands Global Presence with new U.S. Subsidiary - GenePro, Inc.

Gènes Diffusion, a leading global animal reproductive company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ReproQuest. ReproQuest is a veterinary biotech company specializing in the development, manufacture, and sale of artificial insemination products for swine.

For nearly a decade, ReproQuest has played an integral part in the A.I. industry providing swine producers worldwide with products that deliver exceptional quality and performance at competitive prices.

With this acquisition, Genes Diffusion has established a newly formed subsidiary company, GenePro Inc. Dr. Kevin Rozeboom, former President and CEO of ReproQuest, has been hired as the V.P. of Operations and Business Development for GenePro Inc. The hiring of Dr. Rozeboom will permit GenePro Inc. to provide uninterrupted service to ReproQuests' loyal customer base.

Regarding the acquisition, Claude Grenier Development Manager of Genes Diffusion, commented; 

"This strategic acquisition will create greater efficiencies for the Genes Diffusion Group and its partners worldwide and accelerate delivery of key swine A.I. products. In addition, GenePro Inc. is the ideal platform for the commercial launch of our upcoming line of innovative swine A.I. technologies".

Kevin Rozeboom added:

"I believe that the services provided by our respective corporations to the swine industry is complementary and that each strategically benefits from the other's expertise and business activities. The acquisition of ReproQuest by Genes Diffusion Group, thereby creates a world leading A.I. manufacturing, Research and Genetic management company".

Founded in 1948, Genes Diffusion specializes in the genetics and animal reproduction of bovine, porcine, equine and rabbit species. Genes Diffusion's highly acclaimed line of swine A.I. products is world renown in the swine artificial insemination industry for their innovation and technological advancement.

The Genes Diffusion Group's other U.S. Subsidiary, Genes Diffusion USA, is active in Boar Stud Management/Consultation, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services as well as the marketing of dairy and beef genetics, bovine embryos and semen for the international industry.


Key Figures on Genes Diffusion Groupe: 86 million US$ equity, 115 million US$ turnover, 30,000 clients


New Products and Technology!

clear choice bag
ReproQuest Semen Bags

The Clear ChoiceTM Semen Bag

100% U.S. made with all NEW redesigned Eco-Friendly ReproLoc Tip, makes this bag is truely the safest most innovated semen packaging option available in the swine industry.


Clear ChoiceTM Semen Bag - 1000 bags per roll/1 roll per case.


Clear ChoiceTM Semen XL Bag - 1000 bags per roll/1 roll per case.


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Featured Product

MetroSperm Spectrophotometer

The MetroSperm® is a handheld, direct read spectrophotometer for measuring boar semen concentration and temperature.

Semen concentration and temperature are calculated directly from measurements taken in the raw ejaculate sample, quickly and accurately in a matter of seconds.

Consistent Accuracy - The MetroSperm® has shown consistent accuracy when samples were tested by an independent andrology lab for verification.

Accuracy of the samples tested were within 3.38% (3.62 billion of the target total cells per dose of 3.50 billion when measured at the lab.

Low Cost To Operate - The MetroSperm® requires no extra supplies or lab equipment, unlike other direct read or conventional spectrophotometers that require cuvettes or special slides for preparation of a sample.

Saves Time & Labor - Compared to conventional semen analysis, the labor and time spent preparing samples is eliminated.

Easy To Clean - The MetroSperm® probe is made of stainless steel so cleaning and sterilizing between samples is an easy and quick two step process. First, rinse the probe in a sanitizing solution then second, rinse the probe with distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Greater Reliability - By sampling the raw semen directly, the MetroSperm® improves sampling reliability by eliminating any errors that can be caused by....

  • Dilution and sample preparation.
  • Technical errors due to faulty or improperly calibrated micropipettes.
  • Human error caused by operator inaccuracies in handling the micropippettes or other volumetric measuring instruments.

Download Here - MetroSperm® Product Brochure


"Stand Alone" Version - Includes control unit, probe, 80cm cable and case.


Computer Version - Includes probe, 120cm cable, software and case.


Counter Top Stationary Probe Arm -


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